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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the eVISA to Malaysia?

The Malaysian eVisa application at this stage is only available to Chinese citizens within the China Mainland. It will soon to be extended to other countries such as. India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the United States and Canada.

How many entries does the Malaysian eVisa offer?

The Malaysian E-Visa is valid only for one (Single Entry) journey to Malaysia.

How long is the Malaysia eVisa valid?

The Malaysian eVisa is valid for a period of 90 days, thus it has to be used within 3 months (90 days) from date the eVisa is issued.

What documents will be required should I wish to apply for the Malaysian eVisa online?

The following documents will be required for the Malaysian E-visa application online:

  • Original passport (Valid at least 6 months after entry into Malaysia)
  • Passport photograph of the applicant (Taken within the last 6 months)
  • Travel Itinerary showing flight details (confirmed and returned flight ticket)
  • Proof of accommodation
Do I need to apply for an eVisa to Malaysia before arriving?

Yes, all international travelers should ensure that they hold a valid Malaysia visa before they travel to the Malaysia. See Visa Requirements to see if you qualify for the eVisa or if you are exempt from a visa to Malaysia.

Does the eVisa to Malaysia guarantee entry into the country?

Not necessarily. The approval of the Malaysian eVisa does NOT guarantee the applicant the right to enter Malaysia. It will be determined by the sole discretion of a Malaysia Immigration Officer at point of entry into Malaysia.

Do you need a printed copy of the Indian e-visa?

We will forward you an email from the government of India with the details of your e-visa. Included in this email will be your application ID, visa number and visa validity. We suggest travelers print this confirmation and keep a copy with your passport. You can also have a soft copy and provide the information to the airline and immigration officials upon arrival.

What languages are accepted for my required documents, is it ok if my documents are in Chinese?

Please note that ALL supporting documents HAVE to be in English.

I need a multiple entry tourist visa to Malaysia, can I apply online?

If you need to travel to Malaysia requiring a multiple entry visa, then you will have to submit your Tourist Visa application in person at selected Malaysian Embassies.

Are there any restrictions or special requirements when a child apply online for the Malaysian eVisa?

Yes. If the applicant is a minor (child below 18), then at least 1 (one) of the parents MUST apply together for the Malaysian eVIsa. Remember that you will also need to have a copy of the child´s Birth Certificate in order to show proof of relationship between parent and child. If a minor will travel without a parent, then their application needs to be submitted at their nearest Malaysian Embassy.

Can I get my money back if I made an online application by mistake and want to cancel?

If your visa application has not been submitted for processing you will receive a full refund. However, if your application has been submitted, then we will not be able to provide a refund.

I heard you sometimes have to go for a personal interview to an embassy of Malaysia to get the eVisa / eNTRI. Is this true?

This does not happen very often, but sometimes on a case by case basis, the Malaysian Government may request you to have an interview in person at a Malaysian Embassy. We will notify you by email and or phone with all the details regarding the interview should it be required.